About Us

New Zealand’s largest integrated health, fitness and rehabilitation group

The Habit network began in 2003 as a single health, fitness and rehabilitation centre in central Wellington’s Johnston Street. A market leader at the time, Habit delivered a premium gym solution with integrated Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Personal Training. This naturally led to other services to provide a wrap around care model including Psychology and Occupational Therapy. This unique approach is one of the reasons why Habit facilities have won multiple industry awards since their inception.

Steady growth since this time resulted in further centres under the Habit Brand in Wellington and Auckland regions.  In 2011 Habit were successful in tendering for a limited vendor contract with ACC for the provision of vocational rehabilitation services.

In 2015, we formed Habit Group, and acquired Quality Rehabilitation Services, a well-respected rehabilitation provider that shared the same approach to client health, specialising in Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation. In 2016 we acquired OK Health Services whose nursing service has allowed Habit Group to expand our occupational and corporate health solutions to an increasing number of private businesses and governmental clients. In 2017 Habit Group expanded into the wider Hawkes Bay region with the acquisition of well-respected Rehabilitation and Vocational Consulting provider Work Recovery.

Today Habit Group operates three key brands and provide nationwide Rehabilitation coverage – Habit Rehabilitation, Habit Health & Fitness and OK Health.

We are dedicated to bringing together best-practice health services to a wide customer base. Our Rehabilitation and Nursing services clinics form the largest group of its kind in New Zealand and our Health and Fitness centres offer premium facilities and service in key locations. We are the only option for organisations looking for integrated health, fitness and rehabilitation services at scale.

We are currently exploring new acquisition opportunities that will allow us to expand our offering and continue to better serve our clients.

Our focus areas

Workplace health

An unhealthy workforce is an unproductive one. It’s is essential to do everything you can in your workplace to keep staff in top form. The services offered by our occupational health services can help reduce sick days, and improve output.

Health and wellness

The baseline of health – food and exercise – is what Habit Health Clubs are all about. Members can work out with support or independently using the weights circuits, in group fitness classes or with a personal trainer. On-site nutrition and Physiotherapy and Psychology services make the Clubs 360° health centres.


Our rehabilitation brand offers a best-practice approach to recovering from injury or managing a chronic condition. It combines a mix of medical consultants, including psychologists, vocational consultants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech language therapists, social workers, registered nurses and dieticians. We are trusted by ACC, private businesses, corporate entities and private clients nationwide.

Join Habit Group. If your health, fitness or rehabilitation clinic is in a main centre or high growth area of New Zealand and fits with the philosophy of Habit Group, we would like to hear from you. info@habitgroup.co.nz

Enquire about the Habit Group’s services. If your organisation is looking for integrated health, fitness and rehabilitation services, contact us to discuss how Habit Group could suit your needs. info@habitgroup.co.nz